11 fun and eco-friendly Secret Santa ideas for your colleagues

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So, you’ve just pulled out a name from your office’s Secret Santa hat. Or, more likely, clicked a link from the automated Secret Santa website your workplace is using. All good, nothing to worry about. Aside from the fact you have absolutely no idea what to get that lady in HR you’ve only spoken to once. But fear not — we’ve got you.

This handy list of sustainable Secret Santa ideas will give you some inspiration to find a Secret Santa gift that’s fun, thoughtful and in budget. So whether it’s a bee hotel or eco babywear, our roundup has enough Secret Santa gift ideas to please even the most mysterious of IT technicians you avoid eye contact with in the lift every morning.

One less thing to worry about.

Bee saver kit

bee saver kit

Whoever you need to buy for in your office, we’re sure they will appreciate a gift that allows them to help save the bees. These quirky kits usually include garden planners, wildflower seeds and instructions on how to make a ‘bee hotel’ (for those new to the bee world, a bee hotel is a makeshift bee shelter you can keep in your yard to encourage our little buzzy friends to stick around). Get your bee saver kit now by donating to UK charity, Friends of the Earth.

Custom seed packet

Who says size matters? Small things can have a big impact, which is why seed packets can actually make great Secret Santa gift ideas. No, we’re not talking about a cheap pack from your local dollar store (although, they could be fine if you’re making up a hamper). These days there are heaps of speciality companies online that allow you to print a special message on the outside. Aussie-based TheSeedCompany is a great place to start. Custom seed packets make the perfect gifts that grow — by next Christmas your colleague will thank you for it!

Pot plant

pot plant

If you’d rather give a more fully-formed Secret Santa gift than seeds, why not opt for a pot plant? You could even get your colleague a herb that they can use in cooking (or cocktails) such as mint. Cheers! Or perhaps a succulent they can add to their desk to brighten things up a bit and add a touch of nature to the office. They’ll get to look at it all year round and remember what a great Secret Santa gift you bought them. Just maybe steer clear from cacti if you don’t know your colleague that well... you don’t want them to think you’re calling them prickly!

Adopted animal

adopt an animal

Sound crazy? Maybe. But what better way to give back to the environment than adopting an animal through the WWF? Your colleague will receive a special adoption gift pack including a cuddly plush toy, adoption certificate, animal fact book and more. Plus, you can choose for the gift pack to be sent directly to your Secret Santa recipient, or to receive it yourself to give to them personally (although, that might take away the mystery of Secret Santa a bit!).

Only catch? The small payment is actually a monthly payment. So, unless your colleague is happy to take over the subscription, your Secret Santa will cost you as long as your colleague wants to keep their adopted animal!

Raw and organic chocolate

Everyone likes chocolate. And everyone will LOVE Loving Earth chocolate (if they don’t already). Raw, organic, vegan, fair trade… and most importantly — delicious! What’s not to love? Want to make your gift a little bigger but want to stick to the budget? No worries — here at Boody we’re offering you the chance to WIN a $250 Loving Earth chocolate hamper! If you win, we're sure you’d also win the prize for best Secret Santa gift (and hopefully get to share the delicious chocolate).

Every online order between 29th November and 24th December will automatically enter you in for the chance of winning one of two $250 hampers. Good luck!

Coconut oil soap

There’s been a bit of debate recently about how good eating coconut oil actually is for your health (we’re hoping they find out it is because it’s delicious!). What we do know, though, is that coconut oil is great for your skin, which is what makes coconut oil soap such a great Secret Santa gift idea. Plus, it smells great. Coconut has once again proven it can do anything — and do it better.

Reusable straws

It’s pretty much common knowledge now as to how bad plastic is for the environment. But still, every day many people choose to use pointless plastic straws. Reusable straws come in all sorts of cool colours and materials such as rose gold stainless steel and are perfect for taking with you wherever you go. So, whether your colleague is sipping a smoothie, iced coffee or cocktail, they can rest assured with this Secret Santa gift that they’re making a better choice for the environment (and it looks way cooler in their glass).

Homemade snacks

homemade granola

We all love a homemade gift, so how about surprising your colleague this Christmas by getting creative in the kitchen? Don’t worry, we’re not talking about anything complicated (although, if you happen to be a talented chef, it’s a no-brainer what your Secret Santa gift should be, right?) Homemade granola or sauerkraut would make a tasty, thoughtful and easy gift. We’d suggest giving it in a big glass jar with a ribbon tied around it. Easy! Here are some recipe ideas for both homemade granola and sauerkraut.

Organic makeup

Possibly not one for the guys in your office (although we wouldn’t judge, it’s 2018 after all!), organic makeup is an ideal gift that your colleague will actually use. Look for anything without toxic ingredients — manuka honey is always a winner. If you’re looking for a Secret Santa gift for a male in your office, why not get him organic cosmetics for men? Be careful with anything anti-ageing though… it might not be one your MD will appreciate after the extra lines his stressful year has given him!

Sustainable clothing

Boody basics

Whether you’ve picked a man or woman to buy your Secret Santa gift for, sustainable clothing is always a great choice. We’d suggest opting for basics, as it’s easy to go wrong when it comes to more trend-focused pieces. Our everyday essentials made from organically-grown bamboo will make the perfect gifts for both your colleague’s wardrobe and the planet. Whether you opt for a crew-neck tee for women or men or a unisex accessory such as a beanie or scarf, Boody has got what they didn’t even know they needed.

Eco babywear

Boody baby

Finally, if you know who you’re buying for has a little one (or will do soon), eco babywear makes a useful and thoughtful Secret Santa gift idea. Our adorable baby onesies, baby socks and muslin wraps all make fantastic presents — especially when your colleague finds out they’re made from organically-grown bamboo for maximum comfort, breathability and sustainability. If finding a Secret Santa gift has left you stumped, little humans always save the day!

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