20 reasons to support slow fashion in 2020

20 reasons to support slow fashion in 2020

As we begin another year, it’s time to take a look at ways we can do better and be better. Here at Boody, we live by the ethos that slow fashion is the way to go and the reasons for this truly are endless. To kick off 2020, though, we thought we’d take a look at the top 20 reasons to support slow fashion and live a more sustainable life.

1. You’ll waste less

You'll waste less

The way fast fashion is designed, we’re encouraged to update our wardrobe every season (or more) to keep up with the latest trends. What happens to all the clothes we no longer wear? Well, the majority of them end up in an incinerator or in a landfill. By buying less clothing and focusing on timeless pieces that never go out of style, you’ll actively reduce unnecessary waste created by the fashion industry.

2. You’ll be saving water

According to a report from Fashion Revolution, it takes 2,720 litres of water to make a single cotton t-shirt, which is how much we normally drink over a three year period. The same report also reveals that it takes 757 litres of water to make just one pair of jeans, which is the equivalent to 285 showers. The message is simple: avoid fast fashion and save water.

3. You’ll lower your exposure to chemicals

It’s been identified that cotton farmers and factory workers face long-term exposure to pesticides, toxic dyes and other toxic chemicals that lead to respiratory diseases, headaches, vomiting and even death. But it’s not just workers who face health issues from the chemicals found in most clothing – those wearing them can also suffer. Slow fashion brands like us create clothing using non-toxic dyes and antibacterials fabrics that prevent these issues. In addition, try to purchase garments that are certified non-toxic, like Boody.

4. You’ll lower your carbon footprint

Lower your carbon footprint

Globally, the apparel and footwear industry accounts for 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. If that number isn't scary enough, try this – it also accounts to 3,990 million metric tons of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere each year. That’s a lot of carbon dioxide. By supporting slow fashion, you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint – imagine if everyone else decided to do the same?

5. You’ll be supporting fair working conditions

Many retailers keep their prices low by producing their clothing in factories where workers work under dangerous conditions. Who wants to be wearing something that supports this, no matter how “on-trend” it is? By aligning with the slow fashion ethos, you’ll be supporting workers who work in safe conditions and who are treated fairly. It’s a no-brainer, right?

6. You’ll be supporting fair wages

Speaking of fairness (or lack of it), many retailers also keep their prices low by producing their clothing in factories where workers earn insanely low wages. Global Fashion Agenda found that over half of workers in the fashion industry are not even paid the minimum wage in their country. By supporting slow fashion companies like Boody, you can rest easy knowing that the workers who created your garments are being paid a living wage. 

7. You’ll be supporting animal welfare

Animal welfare

It’s no news that animal cruelty is ripe throughout the fashion industry. From animals being killed to make use of their fur, skin or hide, to toxic chemicals that are harmful to the animal or their environment, fast fashion quite literally kills. Slow fashion brands that make sustainable clothing are supporting animal welfare, whether directly or indirectly. Here at Boody, we’re Peta-approved – animal welfare is close to our hearts.

8. You’ll be supporting small businesses

It’s pretty obvious that fast fashion is generally produced by mass-market brands, whereas slow fashion is made up of smaller and more independent companies. By purchasing your clothing from a brand that’s part of the slow fashion movement, you’ll be supporting smaller, often family-run and independent businesses.

9. You’ll develop your own style

There’s more to fashion than chasing trends. To truly make your style your own, you should feel free to be as creative or as minimal as you choose. There are no rules! Once you step away from the cycle of trying to keep up with what fast fashion brands are telling you is trending, you can figure out your own personal style and stick to it – slow fashion encourages this concept.

10. You’ll become more minimal

Be more minimal

We all know the expression “less is more”, right? Well, one of the beautiful things about slow fashion is that it encourages you to become more minimal (something we all could benefit from in our busy, cluttered world). By taking away the headache of what colours or prints are “in” and rejecting the notion that you can only be seen wearing something once *shudder*, you automatically align with slow fashion and begin living a more minimal, sustainable life.

11. You’ll save time

Following on from our previous point, a minimal wardrobe will instantly save you time each morning. Instead of racing around trying to decide what to wear, or trying to find something because you have so many clothes to choose from, you’ll get to spend more time doing the things you really love in life.

12. You’ll save money

Now, this is one we could all benefit from. Sure, fast fashion items tend to be cheaper. But the very concept of fast fashion is to churn through these lower quality garments, meaning you end up spending more money in the long run. By supporting slow fashion, you’ll buy less which will ultimately save you money.

13. You’ll focus on quality over quantity

Quality over quantity

A direct result from the above slow fashion benefit, rejecting the notion of fast fashion will lead you to focus far more on quality over quantity. Let’s face it, it’s much better to have a few high-quality pieces than a wardrobe full of poor quality clothing that will end up getting thrown away anyway.

14. You could have better mental health

Another benefit of bypassing the whole trends game is that it could benefit your mental health. Multidisciplinary artist Georgina Johnson unpicked the relationship between mental health and sustainability through her project ‘Slow Fashion to Save Minds’. Think about it, the whole idea of fast fashion is to make someone feel included or excluded. Slow fashion is all about excluding fast fashion, leading to a more positive outlook.

15. You’ll contribute less to pollution

According to reports, textile dyeing is the second-largest polluter of water globally. This is not ok. By choosing to buy less and from sustainable, slow fashion brands such as Boody, who recycle and reuse all dye water, you’ll be automatically contributing less to pollution. Better for your health, better for the health of the planet.

16. You’ll be able to focus on other interests

Focus on other interests

As already touched on, by freeing up time you previously spent on deciding what to wear in the morning you’ll make time to focus on other passions. Maybe you’ve been meaning to fit in a morning jog that you never get to. Or what about that novel you’ve been chipping away at that you’re too tired to even think about when you get home from work?

17. You’ll be part of a growing movement

The slow fashion movement, or “slow movement” as it has also been called, is a growing wave of interest in rejecting fast fashion and living more simply. This movement favours ethics and sustainability within a business model and supply chain, ultimately meaning higher quality ethical fashion. Eco-friendly slow fashion ensures quality and a better, safer world.

18. You’ll be setting the standard for the next generation

One of the most important aspects to opting for slow, eco-fashion is the fact you’ll be setting a great example for the next generation. Generally speaking, Gen Z is a generation highly engaged with sustainable fashion and living in a way that is generally environmentally friendly and ethical. We should all encourage this mindset by taking part in the slow fashion movement.

19. You’ll feel good about yourself

You'll feel good about yourself

Here at Boody, we’re all about making you feel good about yourself. Slow fashion does the same thing, which is why we’re so happy to be part of the movement. Not only do our garments make you feel good from a comfort perspective, but also through knowing you’re making a more sustainable choice for the planet.

20. You’ll appreciate what you already have

Finally, one of the most beautiful things about slow fashion is that it stops you from constantly living in a state of “I need more”. By rejecting the notion of fast fashion and building a small but timeless collection of essential items, you'll learn to appreciate what you already have. And let's face it, what we have is often enough.

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