Find the best Father's Day Gifts for 2020

Find the best Father's Day Gifts for 2020

How is it nearly Father’s Day already? Well, if there’s one thing about 2020, it’s that it’s managed to both drag on and flash by within a second. 

So, now the special day’s drawing closer, have you decided what you want to buy your old man yet? We break down the best Father’s Day Gifts for 2020.

Of course, not everyone does or can celebrate Father’s Day, and this time of year can be a difficult time for many. We wanted to acknowledge this and put forward the idea of celebrating a different man in your life – perhaps someone important who has taught you something or guided you in some way. 

Whatever you do on Father’s Day, whether you’re celebrating it or not, we hope it’s safe and filled with love – something we all need in abundance this year.

Our father-son biz

Boody is a father-son family affair. So, before we bring you some comfy and eco-friendly suggestions for the best Father’s Day gifts for 2020, we thought we’d briefly hand over to our founders and their sons to tell us what it’s like working together. They also let us in with what they’re getting up to this Father’s Day!

Shaun Greenblo, Managing Director

Shaun Greenblo

“Working with my father is an absolute privilege. Our dads have been inspirational in guiding us with their experience whilst letting us drive the business to new heights.

Father's Day has changed the last two years, as I now have two sons! This year, we’ll enjoy a family breakfast, celebrating three generations.”

Favourite Boody style: Men's Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt in Light Grey Marl

David Greenblo, Co-Founder | Director 

David Greenblo

“I’m the old dog who has been through it all and see myself at the front of the Titanic looking for icebergs. My son and I both respect each other and listen to each other. Shaun is young, confident and a true digital native so our collective strengths make the sum of us a great team. 

This Father’s Day I’ll be hanging out with my kids and grandchildren and trying not to discuss business!”

Favourite Boody style: Work / Boot Socks in Black/Grey Space Dye

Elliot Midalia, Head of Strategy & International Development

Elliot Midalia

“Working with Dad is fantastic, but also a challenge. I get a level of trust, flexibility, and autonomy that can't be reproduced under any other company structure. We also learn about and can appreciate different sides of each other that wouldn't have otherwise been revealed. 

On the other hand, it requires a learning of how to deal with the healthy conflict and opinion that arises in a work environment, but with family.

For Father’s Day this year, we’re planning on playing a tennis game (I'll lose on purpose) followed by breakfast.”

Favourite Boody style: Men's Everyday Boxers in Grey

Neil Midalia, Co-Founder | Director

Neil Midalia

“It’s a privilege to have another interest in common and another avenue for communication with my son. Business is a maze and there’s always a lot of strategic discussion in our office with my son, my business partner and his son. Because our families are old friends, this cuts in every direction. 

Father's Day is one week after my birthday. Rather than being the centre of attention twice in a row, Father's Day is an excuse for all of the family to get together at home, enjoy a wonderful lunch and enjoy the family conversation. My sons have been overseas for the last eight Father’s Days, so this one is particularly valued.”

Favourite Boody style: Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt in Black

What to buy Dad this Father’s Day

Forget the coffee mugs and BBQ tools, get Dad something this year he’ll actually love. From everyday essentials to a reusable cup, we’ve got your pop covered.

1. Back to basics

Back to basics

No matter your dad’s style, he can never have enough comfy everyday basics in his wardrobe. Whether it’s our classic Crew Neck T-Shirt or our long-sleeved version of the style, our soft and sustainable men’s staples are made from our signature organically-grown bamboo fabric. 

Lightweight and breathable, our basics are the perfect way for Dad to kick off his spring/summer!

2. Treat his feet

Treat his feet

Ok, socks might be a traditional choice for a Father’s Day present, but ours give the time-honoured gift a comfy and sustainable update. 

Whether you’ve got an active dad who’ll like our Active Sports Socks or a corporate pop who would stride through his 9-5 in our Business Socks, we’ve got a sustainable style of men’s socks for every dad.

3. Keep it brief

Keep it brief

A pair of high-quality undies make the perfect gift for dad. Whether it’s a comfy and eco-friendly pair of bamboo briefsboxers or trunks, our ultra-soft men’s undies make thoughtful gift ideas.

Soft, antibacterial and moisture-wicking, our bamboo material is perfect for men’s underwear.

4. For caffeine cravers

For caffeine cravers

We mentioned earlier that a mug is a little cliched for a Father’s Day gift idea. Now look, that’s not to say there are not some great mugs out there – every dad needs one. But this year, why not opt for a more unique gift – and one that’s sustainable, too – by getting Dad our JOCO x Boody Reusable Glass Cup?

A sleek and stylish vessel made for carrying hot beverages while keeping the planet top of mind, your dad will love showing off this funky KeepCup as he’s throwing back his morning long black or flat white.

5. Finishing touches

Finishing touches

Last but not least, our cosy everyday accessories make great gifts for Dad. Whether it’s our Fringed Hem Scarf for layering on chilly spring evenings or our Soft Jersey Beanie for bad hair days, 

Whatever you decide to buy Dad this year, don’t forget the most important thing is to enjoy quality time together (if you can). And if you can’t, I’m sure he’ll appreciate a Father’s Day card all the same!


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