Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Guide

Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Guide

It’s that voice that says…

“No, you can’t do that”

“You’re not as good as him/her”

“You can’t succeed in achieving your dream”

This is the voice of your inner critic. By better understanding the inner critic we can turn this little voice and critical narration in your mind into a positive force, helping us clear the obstacles we face so we can achieve our goals and create the life of our dreams. 

Why we have an inner critic

The inner critic is part of our comfort zone. An ancient survival system, consisting of instinct, intuition and fear. That little voice that wants to warn you or remind you not to change is designed to keep us alive and safe. 

In our modern lives, the inner critic and comfort zone has become too restrictive and unsupportive of our dreams and goals. By always staying inside your comfort zone you may be blocking yourself from truly believing in yourself and thus never really reaching your potential in life. 

When we are tucked away safely in our comfort zone, we can see challenges as something to avoid, rather than a chance to learn and grow. We can get caught up thinking about the effort something will take rather than seeing it as worth the work to get where you want to be. Always being inside our comfort zone can feel like you don’t have control, as if you are trapped. 

Stepping outside of the comfort zone

By deciding to step outside of your comfort zone, you invite in more possibilities, opportunities and fulfillment than you could ever dream of. You choose to be inspired by others success and achievements instead of intimidated, jealous and judgemental. You start to use their success, hard work and happiness as motivation to achieve your own!

Those people who seem to have it all together, have all the luck or don’t have the same obstacles as you are actually the ones who have fought to step outside of their comfort zone. They continually challenge that inner critic that wants to keep them playing small and safe. And because they step outside their comfort zone and make friends with their inner critic, they are more in control and free. 

You too can learn to turn your inner critic into your guide and friend. 

Using your inner critic as a guide

What we are most scared to do and is our biggest challenge is sometimes the exact thing we should be doing; 

  • Leaving the comfort of your job to start your own business
  • Joining a gym and seeing a nutritionist to get healthier
  • Studying that course you’ve been dreaming about for years
  • Following your passions and hobbies like singing, writing, dancing or art

By following the fear we can find our true path and happiness. Listen to that critical voice and challenge what you’ve been telling yourself. Turn “I can’t” into “I’m going to try”.

Making friends with the inner critic, turning it into your best friend!

Don’t avoid the challenges. They are life’s biggest lessons. Don’t be afraid to fail, use it as a way to learn and improve. No successful or happy person ever gets it right every time, through trial and error and embracing the challenges they became stronger and wiser, improving on their goals and skills, learning how to do better next time. 

When that voice comes up again, simply say “thank you for your concern and trying to keep me safe, but I want to step out of my comfort zone and grow”. Let the voice know that you are going to try and you would like its support and encouragement. Direct that voice to help support you grow and learn, and before you know it you’ll be smashing your goals and aiming even higher. With that little voice now saying to yourself;

“Well done, you deserve it”

“Good for them, they have worked hard to achieve their goals”

“I am trying my best and I believe in myself”

“Life’s challenges and obstacles help me become a better person”

“I choose to follow my dreams and step outside of my comfort zone”

“I embrace change and developing myself”

Guest Author: Fiona Lucas

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