Find Your Downtime: An interview with model and yogi Kate Bell

An interview with model and yogi Kate Bell

Have you been keeping up with our #FindYourDowntime series? To celebrate the recent launch of our first-ever sustainable downtime wear range, Boody Lounge, we’re profiling an assortment of talented and passionate women who discuss what drives them and how they find time to unwind.

Our latest interview is extra special because we caught up with one of the gorgeous models from our Boody Lounge campaign photoshoot, Kate Bell. Having worked as a model since 1989 and lived and travelled all over the world, Kate Bell definitely has a few stories to tell. Here she tells us some of these, as well as how she finds her downtime and what her favourite Boody Lounge styles are.

Kate Bell Design

You've been working as a model all over the world since 1989. Tell us a bit about this amazing journey you've been on.

Kate Bell Model

When I first started I got asked “What are you going to do after modelling finishes?”, and I’d think: “what do you mean?”. Then, about 10 years ago I realised modelling would always come along if I was willing. I think of modelling as ‘Mana from Heaven’ and a vehicle to process my existence. I’ve travelled and lived in many places on earth and I work with my tribe – a whole bunch of creative kooks who get me and love me for being me.

What has been your biggest achievement in your modelling career to date?

Kate Bell Model

1. That I’m still standing, haha! And that I’m getting direct bookings for high-end brands and being flown around the world to shoot for them.

2. I’m a pioneer as a ‘classic model’ (previously unheard of) for the world's largest target market: women 50+ with 2&1/2 x more to spend. I hope my ‘still standing’ gives all women courage and confidence to make powerful choices to live their best lives being seen and feeling relevant at any age.

Any advice to aspiring young models?

Yoga has been my rudder, I would say “find your thing”, usually what you’re already good at or have always been interested in, and practice the s**t out of it. Develop your unique skill outside of modelling.

Outside of modelling, you live a holistic lifestyle and have been practising yoga for 30 years. Can you tell us about this?

Kate Bell Model

I just think we have such a short, precious time on earth and I really want to live mentally, emotionally and physically as well as I can to make the most out of it!

How does living a holistic life inform your every day?

Holistic/Wholistic; Believing we are all part of one massive energetic soup, #weareallinthistogether brings a sense of responsibility for every thought and every action.

We know you're a big Boody fan. Tell us what you love about our sustainable everyday essentials.

OMG Boody gear is SO COMFORTABLE. Wearing them is win-win all round (there’s that holistic thing again).

Any favourites from our Boody Lounge range?

Kate's top picks

I love the Downtime Lounge Top that you can wear all day and all night. And the Chunky Bed Socks are sooo soft-n-snuggly.

How do you #FindYourDowntime?


I find my downtime being in nature, at the beach, reading a book...

Any exciting plans for the future? What's next?

Every day is a blessing. I’m looking forward to Bali at the end of November learning new ‘female yoga’, and you know, Mana might just fall from heaven tomorrow sweeping me up on a fantastic and fun shoot! Whoohoo!

Follow Kate on Instagram to join her on her journey.

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