Find Your Downtime: An interview with wedding celebrant Patty Kikos

Chris Gill July 09, 2020
An interview with wedding celebrant Patty Kikos

Downtime. It’s that thing we all know we need to get more of, but also that thing many of us find difficult to squeeze into our busy lives. To help out, we’re profiling a series of talented women who juggle busy lives with finding time out to unwind.

The latest interview in our #FindYourDowntime series – as part of our recent launch of our first-ever sustainable downtime wear range, Boody Lounge – is with wedding celebrant, counsellor, Reiki master and yogi, Patty Kikos.

Read on to find out how Patty fits it all in, finds time to unwind and what her favourite Boody Lounge pieces are.

Wedding Celebrant, Counsellor, Reiki Master and Yogi - Patty Kikos

You have 20 years of experience as a counsellor and more than a decade as a wedding celebrant, Reiki master, energy healer, kinesiologist, Hatha and kundalini yoga teacher. Phew, we're tired just thinking about all that! How do you fit it all in?

Honestly? I don’t. It sounds like I work a lot when people assume I do all those things in one day, but I have a schedule that not only includes my professional duties but also has the space to integrate my personal commitments as well. As a self-employed therapist, there’s no way that I’d be able to hold the space for some heavy emotional stuff if the container that houses my nervous system was depleted.

I describe my professional life as a holy trinity where, in one extreme, I see the deep love shared between the couples I marry as a wedding celebrant, and on the other hand, I work in Child Protection with kids in foster care who have been abused. In the middle, is the soothing elixir I share through my counselling sessions and healing workshops.

I’m also pretty obsessed with watching the sunrise and the sunset every day. I get to do both from my home office by the beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. I love being in the ocean and even though I’m the first to tan, I’m also the first to get goosebumps and feel the cold.

Out of all the roles and passions above, what is the most rewarding and why?

Patty Kikos Wedding Celebrant

Everyone always asks me which aspect of my work I love best! My answer is, I love all of my jobs, equally.

Being a celebrant taught me to run a business, being a dancer taught me to teach, hence why the step to becoming a yoga teacher was so seamless. Both professions taught me to hold the space as a facilitator, which helps when I run workshops, retreats or courses.

The pain of my past fuelled a desire to cure myself, and that led to my qualifications as a social worker, counsellor, kinesiologist and energy healer. Whether it’s in my private practice, or out in the field, it feels like it’s my soul’s calling to teach the tools that my clients can then share with others in their journey of healing, empowerment and happiness.

I also believe that it is important to find one’s confidence, self-worth and satisfaction, outside of work. As a multi-passionate solopreneur that has several sources of income, I also find a lot of rewards with work I do that I do not necessarily get paid for.

My parents have had a few hiccups with their health, and my dad, in particular, is legally deaf and blind after several mini-strokes and suffering from dementia. As their only child, I feel blessed that I’ve created a work-life balance that means I can spend as much time with them as possible, and I’m so grateful that I can do this so easily. 

You were the first Australian kundalini yoga teacher to launch an e-course back in 2012 and have now created a life-changing toolkit for people to access online. Can you tell us a bit about this toolkit?

Chakra Balance E-Course

I wanted my students to have an online portal that would help them discover how to access their body’s energy centres, balance their chakras and clear their mind through accessible kundalini yoga sequences, workbooks, journals and meditations.

I think that if we want to change something, it’s important that we understand how it works first, and that information should not just be limited to people like me who have completed many pieces of training.

It’s our birthright to heal ourselves, magnify our light, release our blocks and make an impact on the world. Feeling out of balance isn’t fun. It can lead to you making bad decisions, and attracting even worse relationships! 

The chakra balance e-course is for the gamechanger who has a yearning to delve deeper into their spirituality and needs more than just a stretch. It’s for the soul stirrers who understand that they are more than just physical vessel, that there is a conscious energetic part to themselves – a part of us that our schooling system never taught us how to use. 

My course will teach you the way that you use your energy will impact the quality of your life and your relationships. The convenient format of this e-course enables you to deepen your spiritual depth, even with a demanding schedule and a busy lifestyle as you can download everything and take it with you, even when you don’t have Wi-Fi!

Living such a busy life, how do you find ways to #FindYourDowntime? 


I’m at a phase in my life where I’m not as driven as I used to be. In the analogy of the race between the tortoise and the hare, I used to be the hare, where I had so much energy, but my inability to self-regulate would mean that I would frequently burn out.

I’m older now, and I’ve noticed that my vitality and energy have naturally waned, but I’m able to harness it a lot better than I ever did. I’m much more discerning with the people that I spend time with, and this means I no longer feel as drained as I used to.

My boundaries are also a lot clearer, both with the things I choose to commit to and with my time management. I no longer feel guilty about needing time alone to regenerate and I rest more than I used to.

How important is it for us all to find time in our busy lives to unwind?

For me, it’s definitely one of THE most important things that keep me in alignment. When I’ve been really busy, and haven’t taken the time to unwind, I find that I feel overwhelmed and really stretched.

If that continues, the stress hormones in my body release more adrenaline and I notice that the first positive attribute of my personality that goes belly up is my patience. 

I observe how easily triggered I can get, and how I can get bugged by people, situations and events that would never usually bother me. The other red flag for me is when I wake up in the middle of the night feeling alert, and then find it difficult to get back to sleep. 

That’s usually because of the increased amount of cortisol in my body, and if that starts occurring, THEN I really take notice and make some serious adjustments.

Thanks to technology and how addicted many of us are to it, many of us are so much more wired than our ancestors ever were, as we still seek so much more stimulation than ever. I think it’s also becoming increasingly more difficult to have time to ourselves as our extended communities expect more of us than ever before, and many of us don’t even realise how draining that feels until we’re already so depleted.

We're thrilled you're part of our exciting Boody Lounge launch. What are your thoughts on the range? 

Boody Lounge

I actually caught myself expressing an old habit that I’d worked hard to get rid of, and that was thinking that the clothing was so fancy, I’d have to wait until there was a special occasion to wear it.

I no longer do this as I think every day is a special day, and given that I no longer have as many clothes (or even as many ‘things’ as I used to), I like to make sure that I have classic pieces in my wardrobe that I can wear over and over again, without getting bored.

I think your range is beautiful. It feels so soft to the touch and the simplicity of its structure means that everything fits so elegantly. 

What are your top picks from the capsule collection?

Patty's top picks

The Goodnight Sleep Pants are my favourite and most worn, as is the Cosy Knit Wrap, which doubles as a blanky for me when I want to snuggle on the couch and can’t be bothered getting up to get a jumper. 

I know that the pieces are marketed as loungewear, but I’ve interpreted that to mean that they can be interchangeable, depending on your environment, much like my yoga pants before them.

Those yummy Chunky Bed Socks have now been packed away for next winter as it’s nearly summer, and I wear the Downtime Lounge Top either as a nightie or as a top that will dress me for dinner or a beach day. 

Obviously spirituality is an important aspect to your life. How important is the notion of sustainability?


It’s so important that I almost said no to your generous offer of gifting me those beautiful pieces!

Sustainability is everything to me right now. Whether I’m referring to how sustainable the way I work on a big project is, or how I’m managing my time during a busy period, I’ve also noticed how some of my spending habits were unsustainable.

My mum is a professional seamstress, and we used to go trawling for vintage before Vinnies was even popular or ‘trendy’. It’s a habit that stayed with me until recently when I realised that even though the items I purchase were secondhand, this monthly habit was still a fair chunk of change that could easily be used more mindfully.

This is my fourth month of not buying ANYTHING clothes-wise. I noticed that the psychology of something being cheap triggered a deep-rooted primal response within me of wanting to ‘get that deal’.

I’ve learned it’s not really a deal if you weren’t prepared to pay full price because you needed it, but that the invisible mode of currency I used (i.e. using my smartphone to tap and pay for purchases) was also contributing to a lack of impulse control.

In what ways do you live an eco-friendly life?

I feel like I do the basics such as taking canvas bags with me when I go grocery shopping. I used to pass by the supermarket unexpectedly and would have to purchase a plastic bag, but now I make sure I always carry a rolled-up bag that can hold basic items. It comes in handy to store jackets and cardigans as Sydney can be well known for sharing four seasons in one day! 

I recycle all my paper and now use much less. I used to print each wedding ceremony on paper, and now I use my iPad and have a backup stored on my iPhone, just in case. I used to do the same with the workshops I’d teach – but I now read off my iPhone or iPad.

I store my compost and my local coffee shop is gracious enough to let me dump it in theirs every other day.

My cleaning products are no longer toxic, and sometimes I even make my own by using vinegar and bicarb soda. I use cleaning cloths on a rotating cycle so that I’m cleaning them regularly and not destroying them through toxic soapy chemicals, and then needing to buy new ones more frequently. This includes washing my face with cloths instead of any form of wipes. 

What are your plans for the near future?

Considering a relocation

There are so many unknowns regarding planning a future, but I have to say I miss running workshops, so I’ll be planning a few more of those in the near future. I used to teach really large workshops, but these days I prefer to keep them small and intimate so that I have the opportunity to go a little deeper with the clearing for each participant.

I’m also contemplating running a live group program that will be limited to only 8-10 women for a six-month immersion, and I have to say, that’s been percolating in my subconscious for a little while. It will be interesting to see when the timing is right for that to be released. 

I live in Bronte and have loved the peace and tranquillity, as well as being so close to the ocean every day. In recent months, there’s been less harmony as the area is now much busier and more congested than it used to be.

For the first time in almost eight years, I’m considering a relocation to somewhere quieter, so it will be exciting to see whether that means somewhere 200 metres down the road, or somewhere completely different from the eastern suburbs.

Follow Patty on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Photography by Candice Epthorp

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An interview with Laura Kelly, Yoga Teacher


An interview with Laura Kelly, Yoga Teacher

If there’s ever been a time to get into yoga and meditation, it would be 2020. From the devastating bushfires at the start of the year to the on-going pandemic, it’s so important to stay present. One person who knows a thing or two about mindfulness is Laura Kelly, yoga and meditation teacher. From her spiritual journey to her favourite Boody picks, read on to get to know Laura Kelly in our interview. You're a trained yoga teacher. How did that come to be? Mine is quite a common tale, I think. I was working long hours in a successful but stressful corporate job and really felt like I needed to slow down. My yoga practice had become my biggest support in coping with stress and I initially started looking at yoga retreats but realised I needed more than a week off!  I actually ended up leaving my job without a plan but found a teacher training in Bali that really focused on teaching yoga philosophy. I learnt a lot about myself over that month and came home feeling inspired to share some of the practices I’d found had helped me. You also teach meditation. Can you tell us a bit about this? I was first introduced to meditation in yoga classes as a student and then again later during my teacher training where I was introduced to a range of different meditation styles. I’d say I offer guided meditations over specifically teaching the techniques. They are accessible to everyone.  My intention is to offer short guided meditations that can be done at any point during the day that are simple and easy to follow. The beauty of meditation for me is that it’s taught me how to slow down.  It can help me find calm amongst frantic energy and invites me to slow my movements and consciously feel into my body and breath, to become more connected to ourselves and the world around me. Outside of your wellness practices, you provide creative content services. Talk to us about this. I have over a decade experience working as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world, so after my yoga teacher training, I made the move to fuse the two and specialise in supporting businesses and creatives in the health and wellness space.  My clients are yoga and meditation teachers, spiritual healers, writers and artists. They are big thinkers and go-getters and I love assisting them in sharing their magic with the world. I work one-on-one to provide administrative support and create content that engages audiences and promotes products and services. We hear you're a big Boody fan. What is it about everyday basics you love? I’m a self-confessed extroverted introvert. While I love connecting with others and socialising, I always look forward to home alone time to recharge. I love everyday basics that are comfortable and easy to throw on but still make me feel good. Boody does exactly that.  I also love your commitment to sustainability, organic fabrics and giving back to non-profits who help protect the environment.  Any top picks and why? I have been living in my Long Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt, Full Length Active Tights and Padded Shaper Crop Bra. The fabrics are all so soft and snuggly; the tights hold me in in all the right places and the bra provides enough support for my yoga practice without feeling restrictive if I’m just sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea! Eco-friendly living is crucial to us at Boody. In what ways do you try to live a sustainable life? At the start of 2020, I made a promise to myself to only buy second-hand clothes and to really cut down on my clothes shopping in general. I love rummaging through vintage stores and my local op-shops. It’s the best feeling when you find those hidden gems! If I’m buying something new I’m doing my best to stick to brands that strive to maintain sustainable and ethical standards, like Boody! 2020 has been a stressful year for people all over the globe. Pulling on your health and wellness expertise, in what ways can people remain calm during turbulent times? I wish I had the magic answer! I’m not a medical practitioner and would never claim to offer advice for everybody but what I can do is say what has worked for me. I’ve made an effort to move my body every day, getting outside has been a non-negotiable (even if it’s just to grab a quick coffee) and I’ve allowed myself to rest when I need to. I’ve tried to not spend too much time on my devices and stay away from mainstream media. I have found that simply taking a few deep breaths when things start to feel overwhelming helps lower my stress levels and bring me back to the present moment.  For me, I’ve really tried to be kind to myself and take each day as it comes as much as possible. I read somewhere recently that although we are all caught in the same storm, we are not in the same boat. Everyone is experiencing this strange time in their own way. So, I am endeavouring to take care for those around me more than ever and provide support where I can. We hear you moved from London to Sydney six years ago. What have been the main changes to your life following the move? So much has changed in the last six years! It’s definitely had its challenges; being away from friends and family has been tough but the friends I’ve made here have turned into family in a lot of ways.  I wake up and go to bed a lot earlier than I did when I was living in London, I’ve trained to be a yoga teacher, I now work for myself and I’ve actually just experienced a huge milestone in becoming an Australian citizen this month which is very exciting! If people want to pursue a similar career in yoga and meditation, what advice can you offer them? Yoga teacher training has become as much about my own personal development as it has been about learning the practice, if not more. Meditation is inextricably linked to my yoga practice, in many ways, yoga IS my meditation.   I think the most important thing you can do is make a commitment to your practice. Yoga is not just about what happens on the mat. The biggest changes for me have been in the way I live my life; the way I interact with people, especially my friends, family and my partner and the way I understand the inner workings of my mind.  If you want to teach, I’d recommend connecting with and offering to help out at your local studio; there’s often opportunities for trained teachers when they are already part of the community. I would recommend to make your own practice the priority and to forever remain a curious student. As it is written in the Bhagavad Gita; “"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." Anything exciting in the pipeline you'd like to mention? I’m working with some really exciting clients at the moment and I’ve launched my new website where new clients can reach me to discuss how we might be able to work together.  I’ve also recently collaborated with the Bondi-based infrared sauna studio, Nimbus Co, on a new online offering which will include meditation recordings, a Yin yoga sequence and a reflection journal. They will be launching this soon so keep an eye on their socials and website for more details!

An interview with Seyi Rania, Natural Beauty & Wellness


An interview with Seyi Rania, Natural Beauty & Wellness

Been meaning to give your beauty products an organic and eco-friendly overhaul? Seyi Rania has got you covered. With a deep knowledge of natural beauty that doesn’t compromise your health and wellness, Seyi knows which products are good not only for your skin – but for the planet, too. But that’s not all Seyi is about. She’s also a talented mental health counsellor, a gorgeous model and a dedicated Boody fan. We can’t get enough of her! We caught up with Seyi to talk everything from natural beauty to her fave Boody styles. Hey Seyi! How did your love for natural beauty, health and wellness come about? My wellness journey began in 2011 when my beautiful mother passed away from breast cancer. I was only 19 at the time. Following her death, I began questioning why and how my mother developed such a horrible disease… so I did my research and came across many articles detailing potential links between environmental toxins and cancer. I also began attending workshops and lectures to learn more about organic health. Since researching, I am shocked to learn the nasties/chemicals that are found in everyday conventional products and the impact it's potentially having on our health. Now that I know what I know, I have completely turned my back from conventional toxic products and use products (when possible) which are safe to use on my skin and safe for the environment. Did you know the body absorbs up to 60% from what's put onto the skin? Very scary! Tell us about your favourite organic beauty products. Goodness me, this is a tough question! However here are my all-time favourite beauty products I use weekly and can’t live without: Kora Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask + their Noni Glow Face Oil Lavera Sensitive Facial Moisturiser BODILAB Green Tea + Chamomile Face Mask Vayda Organics Facial Cleansing Oil What is your morning and evening beauty routines? I like to keep my skincare routine simple. I suffer from acne oily prone skin so I have a routine that targets this skin type. I do not believe in undertaking a 10 step routine to achieve glowing healthy skin! In the morning: I use the Lavera Gel cleanser + Sensitive facial moisturiser If I feel like I need it e.g. haven’t had enough sleep or my face is looking a bit puffy, 1-2 times a week, I apply a few drops of facial oil to my face then use a jade roller/Gua Sha to bring circulation back into my face. I find that I look less tired and more bright-eyed when using this technique! In the evening: Again I cleanse and moisturise, however, my evening routine can vary depending on what my skin needs. Twice a week I like to use an exfoliation mask (like the Kora Organics product I mentioned earlier) followed by a facial oil Once a week or every two weeks I like to use a clay mask followed by a facial oil If I am wearing makeup on the day then I ensure to double cleanser to remove all makeup, dirt and grime then moisturise. Without a proper clean, it will only lead to breakouts. In what ways can everyone live a more healthy lifestyle? I live by a few simple rules: Drink more water  Aim for at least 20 minutes of physical activity per day Everything in moderation  Practice gratitude and speak kindly to oneself How can we all live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? I think it’s good to question yourself on what you buy/use on a day-to-day basis and be mindful that whatever you buy will eventually end up in a landfill. If what you buy can be more sustainable, recyclable or biodegradable, then this will benefit our planet greatly. To implement more eco-friendly habits, I do the following: Use a KeepCup. I am so strict with myself that if I forget my keep cup then I won’t buy a coffee! Use beeswax wraps instead of glad wrap and reusable ziplock bags as opposed to one use zip lock bags Walk instead of drive if possible  Eco-friendly washing liquid  In terms of food, buy more fruit/vegetables. Less likely to be wrapped up in plastics and good for you! We hear you're a big Boody fan! What is it about our comfy and sustainable essentials you love? I love the versatility of the essentials in that it is comfortable to wear around the home but also lovely to dress up and wear out during the day. The comfort and durability is also what I love about Boody. When I purchased my first pair of undies and leggings a year or two ago, I was immediately hooked. My essentials/underwear wardrobe is about 60% Boody, however, I am aiming for 90%! I had even reached out to one of the customer representatives to submit a review and I admitted that when I wore the Boody sleepwear for the first time, it was the best night’s sleep I have had. That is comfort guaranteed! Any favourite styles? So many styles I can add here but I really love the Everyday Slip Dress in Black. Perfect for home and to wear out on a warm day. I also really like wearing ¾ sleeve tops with a pair of Boody leggings. My favourite work-from-home attire!  And of course, in between meetings and calls with my clients, I like to get out and go for a run. The Boody Active range is really lovely to wear and is durable. Comfort, durability and sustainability are all very important to me. Outside of health and wellness, you are a mental health counsellor. That must be both rewarding and challenging? Absolutely! So I have completed a degree in psychology and a masters in clinical counselling. My experience varies from homeless intake worker, behavioural therapist, NDIS support coordinator and support worker and school counsellor. Right now I am working in the education industry to provide support to students. I love what I do and I love that I can make such a difference.  You also do freelance modelling. Is that something you enjoy? I love it so, so much. I have been a model for nine years and it has always been a passion of mine. In the last three years, I was discovered then signed by an agency and now I am represented by JR Management. I have never thought to do it as a full-time occupation but I love that I get a great balance of passions between working in mental health, blogging about all things natural and beauty and doing awesome modelling gigs. Definitely can’t complain! Any plans on the horizon or anything else you'd like to mention? I am always thinking of ways of how I can do more with my beauty blog and spread the importance of natural beauty to all, however, right now I think I am happy where I am. I love that I can make a difference where possible. Though if someone asked me what is my ultimate dream, it would be to have my very own natural organic skincare range!  Follow Seyi on Instagram.