Conscious People: Interview with Kate Nelson @plasticfreemermaid

Arun Jayara July 09, 2020
Conscious People: Interview with Kate Nelson @plasticfreemermaid

Be prepared to jump out of your chair after reading this post, because Kate Nelson is changing the world and her words will have you wanting to get behind her and do the same.

Kate has been on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic pollution the world consumes since discovering the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area of ocean where the currents converge and our non-biodegradable trash collects and creates dead zones. Soon after, Kate is co-founded the nonprofit Save the Mermaids, which encourages women to act as ambassadors to the ocean and offers ocean adventure and education to youth in Southern California. After years of lobbying politicians, an elder activist advised her that people won't change unless something impacts their health or their wallets. With this in mind, she has begun evaluating how her health and wallet have benefited from quitting plastics and plans to share this nature-centric perspective.

Originally from the United States, Kate fell in love with the romantic, rugged Australian coast and has settled for the moment in blissful Byron Bay. Kate surfs, practices yoga and loves this tropical climate for gardening and outdoor adventures. She shares her journey at @plasticfreemermaid and her current campaign, #TOPLESSfortheSEA, urges you to go topless on your coffees. Skip the plastic lid!

Take the Mermaid Pledge to Ban Plastic

We got chatting to Kate about her movement and how she consciously creates an eco-friendly lifestyle for herself.

Interview with Kate Nelson

1. Tell us about your environmental consciousness - has it always been like this or was there a moment which sparked change?

I was raised to always leave a place better than how I found it. When we went camping, we would clean all around our site and to the neighbouring sites as well. I also had parents that loved outdoor adventures, so an appreciation for nature was instilled in me at a young age. In college I got certified to scuba dive and I was absolutely blown away by the incredible underwater world. I started volunteering my time with ocean conservation non-profits; the more I learned about pollution and other threats to the marine ecosystem, the more I was motivated to get involved for positive change.  

2. What is your vision for the plastic free movement and some goals you have in the coming years?

Ideally, legislation in place that reduces the supply of single-use disposable plastics. I have been working on banning plastic bags in NSW for over a year now; the government has vowed to put a ban in place, but it is taking far longer than we would hope. Despite heavy lobbying, it is just a waiting game for the government to slowly ban plastic bags, then we can start to push for a ban on the next disposable item that are made from a material that never biodegrades. It's hugely frustrating, but then you see countries in Asia and Africa banning these items purely because they don't have the waste management systems or wealth to deal with such irresponsible pollution. If we could be so humble as to learn from these developing nations, it could do us--and the world--so much good.

In the meantime, I hope to keep building consciousness around plastic pollution and, more importantly, the easy solutions that in fact make life more beautiful without plastic in it!

Save the mermaids - ban plastic

3. What has been your biggest success to date with this beautiful mission of yours?

Just after college I formed a non-profit organisation called Save the Mermaids with my girlfriends. We felt upset by the species-wide addiction to plastics, yet instead of protesting on the streets we wanted to be solution-oriented and inspire people to have hope. We were able to successfully lobby our City Council--dressed as mermaids of course--to ban plastic bags in our home town of Santa Barbara.

4. Your Instagram is a gorgeous collection of outdoor inspiration, tell us about how the environment inspires you and how do you stay in greater harmony with the earth?

I feel very connected to the rhythms of nature; the wax and wane of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tide, the inhale and exhale in my own body. I have dedicated time and energy to be barefoot outside and develop a relationship with the outdoors, because I am acutely aware that I breathe air from the trees, drink water that falls from the sky, and eat food that blossoms up out of the earth's skin. The thought actually fills me with immense awe at how perfect our planet operates, and how fortunate we are to be so intricately interwoven amongst these natural systems. With this awareness, I intentionally venture out to spend time in nature to cherish being a part of nature as well as welcome in more experiences--both the simple and truly breathtaking.

Feeling the sun on my skin or a wave rolling across my back underwater. Witnessing a rainbow stretch just momentarily across the expansive sky or walking through the woods to discover a half moon of private sand for a secret skinny dip. While the trees literally keep our body alive, these sorts of experiences keep our spirit alive--and thriving.

Australians use over 4M plastic bags every year.

5. What are your hot tips that people can use now to start being more environmentally conscious?

Baby steps. Take on what is reasonable for you. Don't think it will come overnight. Be patient and compassionate with yourself.

I decided to focus on plastics, because I noticed how much plastic was in my daily life and I realised "I am in control of my life, therefore I am in control of how much plastic I use--or don't use." So, I started phasing it out. Taking an audit of your plastic use over a month or a two-week period can also help you build awareness. Try keeping EVERY bit of plastic you use. Then identify what is non-essential! Start to replace the plastic items with reusable items or alter your routine, you might surprise yourself with the creative hacks you come up with!

6. What does your wellness lifestyle look like in a day? How do you stay happy and healthy?

Quitting plastics has actually been the best thing for my health since I started yoga. I practice and teach yoga daily; this keeps me active, which I find helps me want to eat healthier as well. I am quite aware of my physical structure, thus sensitive to what I eat and drink as it directly impacts how I feel. Since I quit plastics, I have learned to be more intentional about my food and drink choices. Takeaway coffee cups, despite looking like paper or cardboard, are in fact lined with a thin layer of plastic! So, coffee stopped being an automatic "yes!" If I think coffee might give me a good kick in the butt for the day, I'll bring my own mug. Otherwise I might say yes to the social gathering of friends in the morning, but wait until I get home to brew myself a self-love infused turmeric ginger tea or blend up a green smoothie.

Since I have to say no to most takeaway items and all things packaged in plastic, I have ended up getting really creative in the kitchen. It makes me happy to experiment with actual foods and not just take down the chemicals and additives found in processed foods; my body surely enjoys the extra care.

Save the mermaids

7. How can we join you and support your cause?

I am working on a program to help wean the world off plastics, so as I prepare to fully launch the I Quit Plastics program please peruse the blog portion of the website ( and also follow my instagram @plasticfreemermaid for tips and opportunities to jump on board with social campaigns, events, petitions, etc. My current campaign is to remind you to bring your own coffee mug to the cafe, but if you forget, at least skip the plastic lid and go topless! Get involved: #ToplessForTheSea  

Quick Q's

You'll always find in my fridge...

My beauty products! My philosophy with beauty and hygienic care is if you can't eat it, you probably shouldn't smear it on your skin. Whatever we absorb through our skin goes straight into our bloodstream! All those lotions, plumper creams, sunscreens are all packed with chemicals. A bit of coconut oil and a drop of essential oil will work wonders. I also make my own deodorant, toothpaste, lotions, and zinc-based sunscreen. If you were looking for food: rocket. Or as we call it in the states, Arugula.

If I could have dinner with one inspirational person it would be...

Richard Branson. He has built an incredible empire after many failed attempts, is open about his path, and so encouraging to all of us to pursue all that comes our way. Plus he dressed as a mermaid for World Ocean's Day this year to raise awareness for preventing further pollution. I respect a billionaire who's not afraid to get scaly.

My favourite quote is....

This keeps me committed: 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

This keeps me wandering and wondering: 

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." Jacques Cousteau

My non-negotiable self-care practice...

Yoga. Taking time to stretch, sweat, breath, and bring stillness to my mind.

My number one wellness tip...

Quit plastics. It will really amaze you as your life transforms into a plant-rich, garden growing, home-made, DIY lifestyle. If you're not quite there yet, then invest in coconut oil. And use it for EVERYTHING.  

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An interview with Laura Kelly, Yoga Teacher


An interview with Laura Kelly, Yoga Teacher

If there’s ever been a time to get into yoga and meditation, it would be 2020. From the devastating bushfires at the start of the year to the on-going pandemic, it’s so important to stay present. One person who knows a thing or two about mindfulness is Laura Kelly, yoga and meditation teacher. From her spiritual journey to her favourite Boody picks, read on to get to know Laura Kelly in our interview. You're a trained yoga teacher. How did that come to be? Mine is quite a common tale, I think. I was working long hours in a successful but stressful corporate job and really felt like I needed to slow down. My yoga practice had become my biggest support in coping with stress and I initially started looking at yoga retreats but realised I needed more than a week off!  I actually ended up leaving my job without a plan but found a teacher training in Bali that really focused on teaching yoga philosophy. I learnt a lot about myself over that month and came home feeling inspired to share some of the practices I’d found had helped me. You also teach meditation. Can you tell us a bit about this? I was first introduced to meditation in yoga classes as a student and then again later during my teacher training where I was introduced to a range of different meditation styles. I’d say I offer guided meditations over specifically teaching the techniques. They are accessible to everyone.  My intention is to offer short guided meditations that can be done at any point during the day that are simple and easy to follow. The beauty of meditation for me is that it’s taught me how to slow down.  It can help me find calm amongst frantic energy and invites me to slow my movements and consciously feel into my body and breath, to become more connected to ourselves and the world around me. Outside of your wellness practices, you provide creative content services. Talk to us about this. I have over a decade experience working as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world, so after my yoga teacher training, I made the move to fuse the two and specialise in supporting businesses and creatives in the health and wellness space.  My clients are yoga and meditation teachers, spiritual healers, writers and artists. They are big thinkers and go-getters and I love assisting them in sharing their magic with the world. I work one-on-one to provide administrative support and create content that engages audiences and promotes products and services. We hear you're a big Boody fan. What is it about everyday basics you love? I’m a self-confessed extroverted introvert. While I love connecting with others and socialising, I always look forward to home alone time to recharge. I love everyday basics that are comfortable and easy to throw on but still make me feel good. Boody does exactly that.  I also love your commitment to sustainability, organic fabrics and giving back to non-profits who help protect the environment.  Any top picks and why? I have been living in my Long Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt, Full Length Active Tights and Padded Shaper Crop Bra. The fabrics are all so soft and snuggly; the tights hold me in in all the right places and the bra provides enough support for my yoga practice without feeling restrictive if I’m just sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea! Eco-friendly living is crucial to us at Boody. In what ways do you try to live a sustainable life? At the start of 2020, I made a promise to myself to only buy second-hand clothes and to really cut down on my clothes shopping in general. I love rummaging through vintage stores and my local op-shops. It’s the best feeling when you find those hidden gems! If I’m buying something new I’m doing my best to stick to brands that strive to maintain sustainable and ethical standards, like Boody! 2020 has been a stressful year for people all over the globe. Pulling on your health and wellness expertise, in what ways can people remain calm during turbulent times? I wish I had the magic answer! I’m not a medical practitioner and would never claim to offer advice for everybody but what I can do is say what has worked for me. I’ve made an effort to move my body every day, getting outside has been a non-negotiable (even if it’s just to grab a quick coffee) and I’ve allowed myself to rest when I need to. I’ve tried to not spend too much time on my devices and stay away from mainstream media. I have found that simply taking a few deep breaths when things start to feel overwhelming helps lower my stress levels and bring me back to the present moment.  For me, I’ve really tried to be kind to myself and take each day as it comes as much as possible. I read somewhere recently that although we are all caught in the same storm, we are not in the same boat. Everyone is experiencing this strange time in their own way. So, I am endeavouring to take care for those around me more than ever and provide support where I can. We hear you moved from London to Sydney six years ago. What have been the main changes to your life following the move? So much has changed in the last six years! It’s definitely had its challenges; being away from friends and family has been tough but the friends I’ve made here have turned into family in a lot of ways.  I wake up and go to bed a lot earlier than I did when I was living in London, I’ve trained to be a yoga teacher, I now work for myself and I’ve actually just experienced a huge milestone in becoming an Australian citizen this month which is very exciting! If people want to pursue a similar career in yoga and meditation, what advice can you offer them? Yoga teacher training has become as much about my own personal development as it has been about learning the practice, if not more. Meditation is inextricably linked to my yoga practice, in many ways, yoga IS my meditation.   I think the most important thing you can do is make a commitment to your practice. Yoga is not just about what happens on the mat. The biggest changes for me have been in the way I live my life; the way I interact with people, especially my friends, family and my partner and the way I understand the inner workings of my mind.  If you want to teach, I’d recommend connecting with and offering to help out at your local studio; there’s often opportunities for trained teachers when they are already part of the community. I would recommend to make your own practice the priority and to forever remain a curious student. As it is written in the Bhagavad Gita; “"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." Anything exciting in the pipeline you'd like to mention? I’m working with some really exciting clients at the moment and I’ve launched my new website where new clients can reach me to discuss how we might be able to work together.  I’ve also recently collaborated with the Bondi-based infrared sauna studio, Nimbus Co, on a new online offering which will include meditation recordings, a Yin yoga sequence and a reflection journal. They will be launching this soon so keep an eye on their socials and website for more details!

An interview with Seyi Rania, Natural Beauty & Wellness


An interview with Seyi Rania, Natural Beauty & Wellness

Been meaning to give your beauty products an organic and eco-friendly overhaul? Seyi Rania has got you covered. With a deep knowledge of natural beauty that doesn’t compromise your health and wellness, Seyi knows which products are good not only for your skin – but for the planet, too. But that’s not all Seyi is about. She’s also a talented mental health counsellor, a gorgeous model and a dedicated Boody fan. We can’t get enough of her! We caught up with Seyi to talk everything from natural beauty to her fave Boody styles. Hey Seyi! How did your love for natural beauty, health and wellness come about? My wellness journey began in 2011 when my beautiful mother passed away from breast cancer. I was only 19 at the time. Following her death, I began questioning why and how my mother developed such a horrible disease… so I did my research and came across many articles detailing potential links between environmental toxins and cancer. I also began attending workshops and lectures to learn more about organic health. Since researching, I am shocked to learn the nasties/chemicals that are found in everyday conventional products and the impact it's potentially having on our health. Now that I know what I know, I have completely turned my back from conventional toxic products and use products (when possible) which are safe to use on my skin and safe for the environment. Did you know the body absorbs up to 60% from what's put onto the skin? Very scary! Tell us about your favourite organic beauty products. Goodness me, this is a tough question! However here are my all-time favourite beauty products I use weekly and can’t live without: Kora Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask + their Noni Glow Face Oil Lavera Sensitive Facial Moisturiser BODILAB Green Tea + Chamomile Face Mask Vayda Organics Facial Cleansing Oil What is your morning and evening beauty routines? I like to keep my skincare routine simple. I suffer from acne oily prone skin so I have a routine that targets this skin type. I do not believe in undertaking a 10 step routine to achieve glowing healthy skin! In the morning: I use the Lavera Gel cleanser + Sensitive facial moisturiser If I feel like I need it e.g. haven’t had enough sleep or my face is looking a bit puffy, 1-2 times a week, I apply a few drops of facial oil to my face then use a jade roller/Gua Sha to bring circulation back into my face. I find that I look less tired and more bright-eyed when using this technique! In the evening: Again I cleanse and moisturise, however, my evening routine can vary depending on what my skin needs. Twice a week I like to use an exfoliation mask (like the Kora Organics product I mentioned earlier) followed by a facial oil Once a week or every two weeks I like to use a clay mask followed by a facial oil If I am wearing makeup on the day then I ensure to double cleanser to remove all makeup, dirt and grime then moisturise. Without a proper clean, it will only lead to breakouts. In what ways can everyone live a more healthy lifestyle? I live by a few simple rules: Drink more water  Aim for at least 20 minutes of physical activity per day Everything in moderation  Practice gratitude and speak kindly to oneself How can we all live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? I think it’s good to question yourself on what you buy/use on a day-to-day basis and be mindful that whatever you buy will eventually end up in a landfill. If what you buy can be more sustainable, recyclable or biodegradable, then this will benefit our planet greatly. To implement more eco-friendly habits, I do the following: Use a KeepCup. I am so strict with myself that if I forget my keep cup then I won’t buy a coffee! Use beeswax wraps instead of glad wrap and reusable ziplock bags as opposed to one use zip lock bags Walk instead of drive if possible  Eco-friendly washing liquid  In terms of food, buy more fruit/vegetables. Less likely to be wrapped up in plastics and good for you! We hear you're a big Boody fan! What is it about our comfy and sustainable essentials you love? I love the versatility of the essentials in that it is comfortable to wear around the home but also lovely to dress up and wear out during the day. The comfort and durability is also what I love about Boody. When I purchased my first pair of undies and leggings a year or two ago, I was immediately hooked. My essentials/underwear wardrobe is about 60% Boody, however, I am aiming for 90%! I had even reached out to one of the customer representatives to submit a review and I admitted that when I wore the Boody sleepwear for the first time, it was the best night’s sleep I have had. That is comfort guaranteed! Any favourite styles? So many styles I can add here but I really love the Everyday Slip Dress in Black. Perfect for home and to wear out on a warm day. I also really like wearing ¾ sleeve tops with a pair of Boody leggings. My favourite work-from-home attire!  And of course, in between meetings and calls with my clients, I like to get out and go for a run. The Boody Active range is really lovely to wear and is durable. Comfort, durability and sustainability are all very important to me. Outside of health and wellness, you are a mental health counsellor. That must be both rewarding and challenging? Absolutely! So I have completed a degree in psychology and a masters in clinical counselling. My experience varies from homeless intake worker, behavioural therapist, NDIS support coordinator and support worker and school counsellor. Right now I am working in the education industry to provide support to students. I love what I do and I love that I can make such a difference.  You also do freelance modelling. Is that something you enjoy? I love it so, so much. I have been a model for nine years and it has always been a passion of mine. In the last three years, I was discovered then signed by an agency and now I am represented by JR Management. I have never thought to do it as a full-time occupation but I love that I get a great balance of passions between working in mental health, blogging about all things natural and beauty and doing awesome modelling gigs. Definitely can’t complain! Any plans on the horizon or anything else you'd like to mention? I am always thinking of ways of how I can do more with my beauty blog and spread the importance of natural beauty to all, however, right now I think I am happy where I am. I love that I can make a difference where possible. Though if someone asked me what is my ultimate dream, it would be to have my very own natural organic skincare range!  Follow Seyi on Instagram.