JOCO Reusable Coffee Cups: Why they’re the best for caffeine lovers

Chris Gill July 09, 2020
JOCO Reusable Coffee Cups: Why they’re the best for caffeine lovers

This Earth Month we’re excited to team up with reusable cup brand JOCO to bring you a Boody branded reusable cup!

At Boody, we’re dedicated to conscious consumption and enabling our community to make empowered choices. This is why we’ve partnered with JOCO Cups, who create eco-friendly reusable coffee cups (or reusable tea cups – sorry, tea lovers!) that are designed to be kept forever.

Disposable coffee cups are quickly becoming a thing of the past (thankfully) due to the detrimental impact they have on the environment. JOCO offers the perfect solution to disposable paper cups and plastic cups with their stylish, reusable and artisan-blown glass coffee cups.

But before we take a closer look at JOCO and our exciting partnership with the brand, we thought we’d remind ourselves what makes having a reusable coffee cup so essential.

Why do I need a reusable coffee cup?

As we’ve already mentioned, reusable coffee cups are the better option for the environment than their disposable cousins. And, although this is without a doubt the most important reason for using a reusable coffee cup, it’s not the only reason.

These days, reusable coffee cups come in a range of cute and colourful designs, meaning you’ll be proud to pull yours out of your bag in the morning. Without any nasty plastic involved, they taste better than your average disposable cup, especially when double walled and insulated.

Finally, many cafes offer loyalty stamps and discounts for bringing your own cup, meaning reusable coffee cups can save you money. The best part about that? More money to spend on coffee! So, enhance your coffee ritual with reusable vessels for the perfect pour. What’s not to love?

Who are JOCO Cups?

Who are JOCO Cups?

The Melbourne-based brand was founded out of protest against the mounting threat of plastic and single-use waste. Their vision is to refuse all plastic and end disposable waste, while still enjoying life’s little luxuries such as your morning coffee.

JOCO set out to design innovative, stylish and reusable cups that people would want to pack into their bag and pull out in their local cafe. Designed to be used forever, JOCO Cups are comprised of premium materials that are good for your health and are durable.

Every JOCO Cup is thoughtfully designed to enhance your daily experience. Using expert knowledge and the best materials out there, JOCO seeks to take the throw-away aspect out of your daily ritual. Meaning you can enjoy your morning caffeine fix from the world’s leading baristas, without the guilt around what it’s doing to the environment.

We caught up with JOCO Cups founder, Matt Colegate, to find out more about the brand.

An interview with Matt Colegate, JOCO Cups founder

Matt Colegate, JOCO Cups founder

Tell us a bit about JOCO. How did the brand come to be?

The JOCO brand was conceived in 2008/09, out of personal protest to the daily waste that was being created by disposable vessels. The mission was to stop single-use waste but to also refuse all plastic. 

The belief that you could experience life’s luxuries without compromising health or the natural environment was the driver behind the brand's creation, the ground-up design and development of the JOCO cups range.

JOCO is a product solution that empowers the individual in their day-to-day lives to make a positive change whilst enhancing the experience of their daily ritual.

At the end of the day you vote with the money you spend, so no longer do we have to wait for governments or large corporates to change policies, simply by purchasing and using the right products – individuals play the ultimate part in creating positive change.

Why do you think it's taken so long for people to switch to reusable cups?

In most parts of the world, we have become very good at removing waste from our site – but not from our lives. So plastic pollution and disposable waste have been very easy to overlook when it's not there in front of you.

Additionally, there have been and still are fallacies and misunderstandings that fuel the further use of disposables and plastic. Many people still believe in recycling programs that have never actually worked.

There are also many who believe in safe/toxic-free plastics that have never been. And people who see plastic as a material suitable for use with food and beverage and a material suited to ongoing recycling.

There has also been a lot greenwashing that still remains around solutions to the problem that in most cases worsen or diversify the problem and there has been a lot of confusion about what is good and what is not.

Basically, there have been many reasons for brands and consumers to stick with the cheap and perceived convenient aspects of plastic and single-use, but the times are changing!

What would you say to encourage anyone still not using a reusable cup to make the switch?

Why reusable cupsThe threat of plastic and single-use waste on our future is critical. However complex and daunting the issue may seem, we can make a positive change simply by removing plastic and single-use items from our routine.

The perceived convenience of single-use and plastic is not real, both bring a long and growing list of health and environmental issues that are impacting our future but are also impacting us now.

With the right reusable products, refusing plastic and stopping single-use waste is not a chore. In fact, it can enhance your daily ritual.

Why wouldn't you?

Seeing as it's Earth Month, what would be your top tips to living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle?

Take the time to assess what level of impact you're having in your daily life. Even if you start with your working week which usually follows a routine, you can easily assess where and how you are making an impact.

A couple of small tweaks to your weekly routine and you are off and running changing the world for the better. Shop smart, carry smart and consume smart. 

Break through the barriers to reuse by selecting the right reusable products. These will enhance your day to day experience, blowing away any value that disposable and plastic items may have provided you.

Check out the Take 3 For The Sea movement and adopt this notion into your life.

What are your plans for the future of JOCO? 

We set out with a simple but clear plan, backed with strong brand values. To this day they remain unchanged. We are proud to say things are working! JOCO products are now used all over the world and adopted by many in search of real solutions and heightened experiences.

JOCO products are directly derived from the core brand values. We have a very exciting and talented team, all of whom are dedicated to the path we are on. So we look forward to continuing to follow the JOCO brand values and develop new product solutions that make doing the right thing for yourself, future generations and the environment a very easy and sustainable decision.

We are excited to see the continued uptake of the JOCO cups around the world and we have recently released the Velvet grip flask which is our first step against plastic bottles. So whether you need hydration or coffee, we have you covered.

How are JOCO Cups made?

If JOCO Cups are 100% plastic free, what exactly are they made from?

Well, the ‘vessel’ as the brand calls it, is meticulously crafted to enhance good coffee. Thoughtfully made from carefully-formulated borosilicate glass, JOCO Cups are thermal shock and etch and stain resistant. The lid and sleeve are made of medical-grade silicone and are certified non-toxic. Phew!

JOCO Cups feature an anti-splash, ergonomic design, with a thermal sleeve. They also have a ‘nose dome’ that allows room for the nose for head-tilt-free drinking (no one wants to end up with hot coffee dripping down their face!). The cups come in standard barista sizing and in a range of eye-catching colours.

JOCO Cups have great heat retention and are BPA free, making them an absolute must-have for every eco-warrior.

How to get your hands on a limited edition Boody JOCO Cup

Boody/JOCO reusable cups

Now that you know who JOCO Cups are and what they’re all about, it’s time for us to share with you our exciting partnership with the eco-friendly brand.

JOCO has thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted our very own Boody reusable cup! Featuring our new and improved logo, which has a more refined and contemporary feel to align with where our brand is heading, our very own JOCO Cup is available in an earthy green hue.

To get your hands on a JOCO x Boody Reusable Glass Cup, spend over $xx on our website and you’ll be sent one for free! With limited stock available of the Boody reusable cup, you’ll want to get in quick to avoid disappointment. You can also purchase a JOCO x Boody Reusable Glass Cup on our website for $27.95 RRP.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a Boody reusable JOCO Cup and start doing more for the planet today!

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