World Environment Day | 5th June

World Environment Day plays a crucial role in promoting environmental consciousness, sustainable practices, and long-term environmental stewardship. It reminds us that protecting and preserving our planet is a shared responsibility and a continuous effort. 

We firmly believe that art and design have the ability to inspire and spark conversation, so what are you waiting for? 

About Boody

Boody is an global brand that mindfully makes sustainable everyday essentials using eco-friendly materials. Our experience in health and wellness and retail, combined with our love of technology, our growth mindset and our passion for the environment has inspired us to create a brand championing a better future, fit for all. 

The Prize

The winning design will not only be proudly printed and sold as part of a limited edition t-shirt collection but will also earn the talented designer $5,000 AUD.

The design will be chosen by a panel of judges consisting of representatives from Boody, industry friends and a community vote for the top 5. The one (1) winner will be contacted before announcement.

Visual Moodboard

Use this moodboard as your springboard


Questions we thought you might have - answered

What Boody t-shirt style will my design be printed on?

Your design will be printed on our Women's and Men's Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt

Will Boody own my design if I win?

Yes, Boody will own your design if you win. By submitting and then winning, Boody will retain ownership of your design. Boody has the right to use your design for the specific purposes related to the contest, such as displaying it on our website or featuring it in promotional materials. The ownership and intellectual property rights of your design will be with Boody. Note: this is ONLY if you win. If you don't, the ownership and intellectual property rights of your design will remain with you.

Which ink will be utilised for screen printing my design onto the Boody t-shirt?

For the screen printing of the winning design on the Boody t-shirt, we will utilise a water-based ink.

Is it possible for me to modify or edit my submission after it has been entered?

Yes, it is possible to modify or edit your submission after it has been entered. Please contact us for further assistance and instructions on how to make the desired changes to your submission at

Is this contest accessible to participants worldwide? If I am located outside of Australia and the prize money is denominated in AUD, will it be converted to my local currency?

Yes, this contest is open to participants worldwide. If you are located outside of Australia and the prize money is denominated in AUD, the prize amount will be converted to your local currency. Refer to the Terms & Conditions or contact us directly to inquire about the currency conversion process at