The importance of having a sustainable Christmas

sustainable christmas

It’s that time of year again. The shops are filled with decorations and window displays beckoning us in, while families are planning to get together for their annual feast on Christmas Day. But it’s not all pressies and pavlovas. The flip side to the festive season is way too much waste, which of course is detrimental to the environment.

Say hello to a sustainable Christmas.

From limiting packaging and choosing sustainable Christmas gifts to planting your Christmas tree and composting your leftovers, there are so many ways to have yourself a green Christmas this year. But why exactly is it such a big deal? 

Why it’s important to have a sustainable Christmas 

Less waste is better for the environment

An Australian survey by McCrindle Research showed that 79% of Aussies think Christmas is too commercial. 28% think it's a great idea to give to charity rather than buy gifts. 23% re-gift unwanted presents and 2% throw away gifts they don't like. In other words, one minute they’re sitting looking pretty beneath the tree, the next they’re piling up on a landfill.

Here at Boody, we completely disagree with this approach to consumption and waste. Ideally, you’d encourage your loved ones not to waste their time and money buying you something you don’t want anyway (but let’s face it, it’s not always that easy).

So, if you do end up with a gift you really don’t want or need, make sure you dispose of it thoughtfully. We’d suggest donating your unwanted pressie to your favourite charity; just because you’re not into it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t make a happy home for it.

It encourages genuine goodwill and cheer

sustainable christmas

Another huge benefit of having a sustainable Christmas is the way it makes you feel. You know, that warm and fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach when you’ve done something genuinely good. We all know how great it feels to give someone a gift they love, but it doesn’t necessarily mean buying that gift is being kind to the planet.

Notice the way it makes you feel this year when you take the steps to have a sustainable Christmas. We can assure you it’ll make you feel far merrier than any swig of sherry or brandy could. Well… almost. 

It brings loved ones closer together

As well as making you feel better, aiming for a sustainable Christmas and encouraging your loved ones to do the same in turns brings you closer together. Christmas is known to be the time of year when families put aside their busy schedules and spend quality time. A sustainable Christmas will make the quality of this time even better.

Got kids in the family? Why not make sustainable Christmas gifts a playful activity by encouraging your little ones to cut up fabrics from old clothes and tea-towels. You could get them to paint scrap newspaper or reuse gift bags you’ve had lying around since last Christmas. Get creative! We’re pretty sure both you and the kids will end up having more fun prepping for Christmas than the day itself.

How to have a sustainable Christmas

We could go on for hours about the advantages of having a sustainable Christmas, but we’ve made our point. Chances are, being a fan of Boody, you’re already super conscious and aware of the impact we all have on the planet as we go about our daily life. So here’s some practical advice of turning your Christmas from white to green this year.

Opt for sustainable Christmas gifts

sustainable christmas gifts

One of the simplest and most effective ways of having a greener holiday season is by opting for sustainable Christmas gifts. Boody is, of course, the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping, with our high-quality, durable basics being made from organically-grown bamboo. No pesticides, no insecticides and no fertilisers. Does it get any better?

Shopping for him? The Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt is a simple but stylish tee that is perfect for layering and will remain in his collection a lifetime. After something for her? The Classic Bikini Underwear is one of our bestsellers and it’s clear to see why. This Christmas, give a gift that’s good for your loved ones and great for the planet. 

Do away with excess packaging

We all know the story. Christmas Day comes around and the pretty scene of beautifully-wrapped gifts under the tree soon becomes a mountain of polystyrene and plastic waste. Nasty. This year, think carefully when buying gifts and how they’re packaged. Look for products like ours that have recyclable or reusable packaging. Too easy!

Compost your leftovers

Last but not least, a great way of having a sustainable Christmas is by planning ahead when buying your Christmas grub to reduce leftovers. Instead of throwing uneaten food away, create a compost bin or a DIY worm farm for the kids. A great way of teaching your kids how to take care of the planet, while having fun and getting outside. Bonus!

There are heaps of other ways you can have a sustainable Christmas this year, read more and don’t forget to shop Boody today.

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