Have yourself a Merry Sustainable Christmas

Have yourself a Merry Sustainable Christmas

And just like that, it’s that time of year again. 

Christmas and the holiday season is officially upon us and after a year like no other, this Christmas brings for many a sense of gratitude to celebrate and connect again with loved ones. 

Celebrating, indulging and giving are a large part of the festive traditions, but all the excess that goes with it can put a strain on the environment. ‘Tis the season for more waste to be generated then any other period of the year with wrapping paper, packaging, decor and food the main wastage offenders. It is estimated that the average Australian household waste increases by 30% this time of the year. 

At Boody, we put sustainable thinking at the centre of everything we do and this time of year has us dreaming of a white green Christmas. Together, let’s make this holiday season our most eco-friendly, sustainable Christmas yet. Discover 10 easy ways you can green your Christmas.

Rethink gift-wrapping.

The veiling of a gift and the excitement of the reveal are part of the gifting experience. But the paper and plastic used in buying and wrapping equates to a significant waste. We can reduce our impact by wrapping our sustainable christmas gifts in recycled materials including; 

  1. Recycled paper and newspaper.
  2. Practising the Japanese art of furoshiki and using reusable fabric pieces to knot-wrap.
  3. Using recycled items at home including jars, paper packages and even reusing and recycling your Boody purchase box to wrap your gift. 

DIY decorations.

Get creative and have some fun with making your own sustainable christmas decorationsHere are some of our favourite ideas; 

  1. Making origami shapes for the tree using fabric or recycled paper.
  2. A wreath made from dried flowers, herbs and twigs from your garden.
  3. Make your own eco-friendly christmas crackers with recycled paper. 
  4. Baking Cinnamon or gingerbread cookie decorations and hanging them on the tree, adding them to each plate for your table setting or they make great eco-friendly gifts. 

A sustainable Christmas tree. 

Real trees not only smell like Christmas, but are renewable and can be recycled after the festivities. When buying an environmentally friendly christmas tree, we advise to look for one that is locally produced. 

  1. Contact your local council to find out a tree collection service that will use your tree for another purpose, such as mulch for gardens in the area.

Food considerations.

Below are some ways you can make mindful food choices this Christmas season and avoid food wastage;

  1. Plan what to buy when food shopping and consider only the number of people who will be joining your food festivities to avoid impulse food buying.
  2. Be creative in reusing leftovers - think pasta bakes and omelettes. If you have a lot of food leftover we also encourage you to share the love with your neighbours and the community in general.

Small yet mindful changes can make all the difference in reducing our environmental footprint during the festive break. Show us how you’re celebrating a sustainable Christmas this year by tagging @boody on social. 

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