Reusable Coffee Cups: The Ultimate Guide

Reusable Coffee Cups: The Ultimate Guide

Reusable coffee cups. How did we ever cope without them? Not only are they the perfect alternative to nasty disposable cups for the planet, but they look pretty slick these days, too.

Ever since War on Waste debuted on ABC in 2017, we’ve been reevaluating our everyday decisions here in Australia when it comes to consumption. Reusable coffee cups were among the eco trends to come out of this shocking show, with many of us quickly trading in our throwaway habits for a reusable cup.

But if you’re still debating whether you need a reusable cup, we take a look at the top five reasons why you do in our Ultimate Guide, as well as some reusable coffee cup etiquette and who makes the best reusable coffee cups.

5 reasons why you need a reusable coffee cup

From their sustainable benefits to the fact they prevent your favourite drink from cooling down too quickly, there are many reasons why you need a reusable cup. Here’s our top five.

1. They’re eco-friendly

Without a doubt, the most important reason you need to invest in a reusable coffee cup right away (if you haven’t already), is the fact that they’re so much better for the environment.

According to a report, 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used every year. Let that fact sink in for a few moments. Those disposable cups are coated with plastic to laminate the inside and they use plastic lids. That’s a lot of plastic to end up on a landfill.

Switching from a disposable coffee cup to a reusable coffee cup might seem like a small change, but if everyone was to do the same thing today, imagine how quickly we could go plastic-free when it comes to our morning caffeine fix?

2. Your coffee will taste better

Usually made from borosilicate glass, stainless steel or some other sort of plastic free material, reusable coffee cups make your morning latte or flat white taste better. Plastic absorbs flavour over time, while glass or stainless steel allows the natural taste of your morning brew to shine through. Reusable cups are also BPA free, meaning they don’t have a plastic lining so you’ll have less exposure to nasty toxins.

3. They’re stylish

Although looks aren’t everything, they definitely help when it comes to reusable cups. Gone are the days when it looked “cool” to carry a disposable cup – now it’s all about whipping out a stylish reusable cup. Sleek and modern, reusable cups come in an array of funky colours and designs these days from a wide selection of brands.

4. You could save money

Another big advantage of switching to a reusable cup is that you might end up with more in your wallet each month. This is because many cafes run initiatives where you can gain loyalty points or stamps by bringing your reusable cup with you that ultimately earns you discounts. We love the fact these cafes are encouraging their customers to be kind to the planet! Plus, more money means more coffee, which is always a winner.

5. Your drink will remain warm for longer

You know what we hate almost as much as disposable coffee cups? Cold coffee! Reusable coffee cups are double walled, making them excellent at retaining heat – far superior to their disposable counterparts. Perfect for those colder days when your coffee or tea starts to cool down before you’ve had the chance to take your first sip.

When to use your reusable coffee cup

It’s pretty clear that there’s countless reasons why you need to have a reusable cup, but where exactly can you use them? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that once again, the options are endless.

At work

If your colleagues have yet to convert to glass coffee cups yet, it’s time to start the trend in your office. A reusable coffee cup is perfect for popping in your work bag and keeping at your desk for whenever it’s time for a coffee run. You could even see if you can convince your boss to invest in some communal reusable cups that can be kept in the staff kitchen.

At home

Work from home? Or simply like to bring your favourite hot beverage home from your local cafe on the weekend? Well, reusable cups or perfect for that, too. In fact, why not just use your reusable cup at home when you make your favourite brew? Reusable cups are better than your standard ceramic mug because they retain the heat so well.

On the go

Last but in no way least, reusable coffee cups are a must-have when on the go. From spontaneous coffee runs to simply taking your own homebrew with you on your morning commute, get in the habit of keeping your reusable cup with you whenever you rush out the door. Think of it as a travel mug!

What’s the best reusable coffee cup?

Now you know why you need to invest in a reusable coffee cup, the next thing you’ll want to decide is what’s the best reusable coffee cup. And, with so many brands out there offering fresh and funky designs, it’s a tough choice!

Here are five points to look for before you take the leap:

1. Is it 100% plastic-free?
Seek reusable cups that use cork or natural rubber as an alternative to plastic where possible.

2. Is the design ergonomic and easy to use?
Fancy shapes might be fun, but ultimately you want your cup to be functional so you can still balance that cup in your hand while writing your next Instagram caption at full speed.

3. Does it look good?
We all know that it’ll only make it easier for you to remember to take your cup with you wherever you go!

4. Is it thermal-shock resistant?
Your coffee cup will endure drastic changes in temperatures.

5. Is it easy to clean?
Think easy to assemble and dishwasher-safe here – you’ll thank us later! 

Here at Boody, we’ve reached the conclusion that Melbourne-based JOCO Cups are the best reusable coffee cups brand out there. From their sleek design to their sustainable ethos, JOCO just seems to get it.

Find out more about JOCO Cups and our exciting partnership with the brand where you can get your hands on your very own Boody JOCO Cup!

Reusable coffee cup etiquette

Once you’ve invested in your reusable coffee cup, it’s time to learn the etiquette when it comes to your shiny new best friend.

Make bringing it a habit

There’s no point purchasing a reusable coffee cup if you’re simply going to end up forgetting it every day and having to buy disposable cups. Set a reminder, write it on your notice board, leave it in your bag – whatever you need to do to remember to bring your reusable cup!

Put your order on your reusable cup

Sometimes cafes still use a disposable lid to scribble down your order on to keep with their system, even when you bring a reusable cup! This obviously goes again the sustainable reasoning behind using a reusable coffee cup, so think ahead and note down your order on a waterproof label stuck to the lid or base.

Wash your reusable cup well after every use

Finally, it’s super important to keep your reusable cup clean and presentable when handing it over to a barista. Some cafes may not even accept your order if your reusable cup is in too bad a condition, so keeping it hygienic should be top of mind. Dismantle the parts of your cup when done using it for the day and clean them individually.

After all, clean is green!

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